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Real estate market in Dubai

Today's talk

We delve into the fascinating world of real estate investment. From the latest market trends and investment strategies, to the ins and outs of Dubai's property market, we cover everything you need to know to make informed investment decisions. Discover the best opportunities for investment, while learning what to watch out for when investing in this dynamic and exciting city. With Alexandre Souplet, Benjamin Founes, Nicolas Nervi.

Discover Innvesta Dubai:

Need or want to open your company in Dubai ? We highly recommend our partner MAJ Dubai :

Smartalks Podcasts:

Welcome to Smartalks, the podcast that brings you to the heart of real conversations with inspiring leaders and CEOs in Switzerland and Dubai. We bring you episodes with the biggest names, innovators and disruptors in the industry. From entrepreneurs to executives, Smartalks gives you an honest, unfiltered look into their successes, struggles and everything in between. Whether it's stories of their journey to the top, opinions on the state of their industry today, or advice for the up and comers - trends, Smartalks gives you insight that can only come from meeting the movers and shakers of the corporate world. We are committed to authenticity and transparency, and Smartalks is your source for the real conversations going on in the executive realm. Join us on our journey to bridge the gap between power, progress, and progressivism. The podcasts are available in audio and video, broadcasted on all platforms from google to spotify and all podcast stations. Subscription possible on Internet. Listen to the true voice of the market. @SmartCornerSarl

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